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Finalist - 2009 Finalist - 2005

Alena Kotzmannová

Born in 1974

In her predominantly black-and-white photographic images, Alena Kotzmannová deals with the possibilities and paradoxes of the medium. Through its possibilities, she evokes an atmosphere imbued with theatrical decorativeness, horror elements and often bordering on fictitious visuality, which is achieved primarily by the refined play of light and shadow. She shows the thin line between reality and something unreal. She often hints at a story that has taken place but can no longer be retraced. It is gone. Only the expression of the photograph gives us a clue about it. Her photographs are also distinguished by a refined elegance and a sense for a sensitive depiction of reality.
PhD studies, Faculty of Education of Charles University / Art Education
Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague
- Studio of Conceptual and Intermedia Works (Adéla Matasová)
- Studio of Photography (Pavel Štěcha)
Václav Hollar Secondary School of Fine Arts, Prague

Web: http://www.kotzmannova.cz/KOTZMANNOVA/indexcz.html