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Finalist - 2010

Alice Nikitinová

Born in 1979


1998-2004 Academy of Fine Arts, Prague, Studio of Painting of Professor Sopko
2003 Scholarship at Facultad de Bellas Artes, Cuenca, Spain
1994-1998 Secondary Art School, Kiev, Ukraine

Painter Alice Nikitinová is one of the most remarkable artists of the 30+ generation, however, she stays aloof from most programme events and big painting exhibitions. The situation can be partially explained by her unwillingness to adapt; which, however, is nothing but a natural result of her loyalty to her own starting points and specific requirements in the field of painting. Nikitinová is rooted in the tradition of abstract painting of the avant-garde artists of the first third of the twentieth century. Her formal exploration of the autonomous problems of abstract painting is based on her personal fascination by the most ordinary objects of everyday use. With their essential aesthetic reduced to their functional basis and sign character, they call for a new formulation of artistic schemes, a greater flexibility and deformation of the modernist construction of painting, a search for humor and a renewal of perceptual sensibility towards painting.

Web: http://alicenikitinova.net/