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Laureate - 2007

Eva Koťátková

Born in 1982

2002-2004 Academy of Fine Arts in Prague
2004-2005 Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague
2005 International Summer Academy of Fine Arts in Salzburg
2005-2006 San Francisco Art Institute, New Genres Department
2007 Akademie der Bildenden Kunste, Wien

The works by Eva Koťátková are complex regarding the media she employs. As to the contents, she is daring in dealing with everydayness as well as with the physical and emotional perception of space. Her conceptual approach is both playful and mysterious. Not taking ordinariness for granted, she transforms everyday objects into performances and sculptures. Eva Koťátková was able to make use of the limited space of Jeleni Gallery, turning it to her advantage by means of dynamic transformation.


Video (Artyčok TV)

Web: http://www.artlist.cz/eva-kotatkova-2410/