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Finalist - 2008

Evžen Šimera

Born in 1980

In his works, Evžen Šimera explores the possibilities of the medium of painting in depth. Gravity plays a significant role in his works, whether it represents an element that is decisive for the form of the work, as is the case in his trickled images, or an element that is defied, as is the case in his zero gravity paintings. For the final of Jindřich Chalupecký Award, he made a geometric object out of white blocks, applying drops of black color where shadows were cast. In this case, he completely gave up his own artistic expression; it was the color that expressed itself, guided by gravity. The drops of black color created a vertical hachure determined by the intensity of the shadow on the white surface. The technique combines his ability to anticipate the qualities of trickling color as exactly as possible and the poetic manifestation of chance.

2000-2006 Academy of Fine Arts, Prague
2005 Middlesex University, London

Web: http://evzensimera.name