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Laureate - 1991

František Skála

Born in 1956

1976-1982 Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague

František Skála ranks among most renowned Czech artists of the Tvrdohlaví group generation. His blasphemous approach to diverse everyday stories, which he renders by means of installations and objects made of natural and found materials, has literally caught on. Similarly to his predecessor, he has received the award already as a respected artist whose signature style was apparent in his artworks as well as in his activities within the secret group BKS (The End of the World Is Coming), the MTO Universal music collective, Finnish Baroque, Tros Sketos and his fantastic books and comics. Skála likes to employ the mode of the hoax, keeping the viewers in uncertainty as to the limits of the artistic play. This is also how he worked on his project for the Venice Biennial in 1993; following the example of Czech romantic poet Mácha, he walked on foot from Prague to Venice, exhibiting his “real” illustrated journal.  Skála’s infinite inventiveness and indisputable artistic role is proved by each of his new artworks.

Web: http://www.frantaskala.com/