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Jakub Hošek

Born in 1979

The paintings, installations and graphics by Jakub Hošek are based primarily on the culture of comics, music and music posters, street art and calligraphy, overlapping with conceptual art. Combining surface and line, his paintings include elements of surrealist principles, frequently featuring texts and symbols of knifes, daggers, trees and blood. The lines of the paintings are often carved into the base, with multiple layers on top of each other. As his paintings have no framed limits, the images often step out of the painting’s format and transcend it, even becoming independent installations.

2006 Bern, residency, Zurich
2003 Middlessex University, London, UK
2002–2004 Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague, SAIC - School of the Art Institute of Chicago
1998–2004 Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design

Web: http://www.myspace.com/jakubhosek