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Laureate - 2004 Finalist - 2003

Ján Mančuška

Born in 1972

1991-1998 Academy of Fine Arts in Prague

Ján Mančuška employs everyday materials while reflecting the social context. His works deal with language and its meaning, transcending into the fields of architecture, design and lifestyle. He is renowned for his analytical selection of the presentation of artworks dealing with the historical period of Czech modernism in parallel with other sorts of local perspectives. “There is not a single history; there are several parallel histories which can be hardly compared among each other.”

His works are based on the confrontation of the viewer and the overlapping contexts while his texts provoke reflection on the situation of an artwork within the context of a certain society, thus initiating further discussion. Mánčuška’s works are unique for the necessity of our concrete physical confrontation with his social space.

Web: http://janmancuska.com/