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Finalist - 2005 Finalist - 2003

Jan Šerých

Born in 1972

In his subtle abstract minimalist paintings, installations, videos and objects, Jan Šerých works with simple typographic signs; codes, ciphers, cryptograms, messages, intelligence tests, Morse code and various schemes by means of which he re-transforms principal or banal pieces of information. The basic signs of his work include the letter, which is seen as a symbol of language by our society. However, it is becoming incomprehensible to the present society. Our society has accepted established aesthetic schemes which Jan Šerých tries to simulate in his works. He also often works with his own emotional experience.

1992–99 Academy of Fine Arts in Prague
1995 Sommerakademie, Salzburg, Austria
2005 Residency at PROGR, Bern, Switzerland
2008 Residency at ISCP, New York, USA

Web: http://janserych.com/