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Finalist - 2004

Jana Kalinová

Born in 1978

Jana Kalinová uses a whole range of media in her works. These have recently included video as well. Whatever means she uses, she often employs irony and a sense of absurdity in an original way. Her wooden set of light bulbs, fluorescent tubes, a cooker and a heater can be named as an example. Her work from 2003 “If I don’t know, I ask, but I don’t know who to ask”, on the other hand, poses more serious questions. It consists in a monumental hoop which the visitors can enter and thus set a stream of water in motion. The artist says about her artwork: “You set on a path and you set it in motion. It’s you who decides whether the river will flow. What’s important is your interest; it’s you who walks along its bank. You’re the only firm point inside the circle around which everything revolves.”

1997-2007 Faculty of Fine Arts of the Brno University of Technology
1999 Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava
2001 Kent Institute of Art and Design, Canterbury

Web: http://www.janakalinova.cz