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Laureate - 2009 Finalist - 2004

Jiří Skála

Born in 1976

2003-2004 Palais de Tokyo, Paris
1998-2003 Academy of Fine Arts in Prague

The jury has selected Jiří Skála as the laureate of Jindřich Chalupecký Award 2009, appreciating his focused and consistent conceptual approach. Skála’s artworks often require the full attention of the viewer, however, at the same time they are characterized by a strong will to communicate. The jury has also appreciated the mature way literary methods and contents are integrated in the contemporary works of the artist. He is able to deal with personal themes while analyzing society-wide relations. As his colleague Ján Mančuška put it: “In the works of Jiří Skála, the element of surprise does not come at a single moment. It rather creeps in as you start reflecting on his works.”


Web: http://www.artlist.cz/jiri-skala-2394/