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Krištof Kintera

Born in 1973

Krištof Kintera creates often technically demanding, well thought-out and sophisticatedly witty kinetic or luminal sculptures, installations and videos. He employs diverse materials, often including electrical appliances. In many of his works, he alludes to the nature of today’s consumerist society or turns them into fictitious “persons”. To realize his works, he uses mass consumption products that surround us, innovating and re-creating them according to his own needs and thus creating independent objects. In this way, he often poses comprehensible questions dealing with social and political issues both to himself and the viewers, putting his finger on the sore spots of life in the society.

1992–1999 Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, Czech Republic
2003–2004 Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Web: http://kristofkintera.com/