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Finalist - 2002

Markéta Baňková

Born in 1971

Markéta Baňková was one of the first Czech artists to deal with Net Art. Her works are freely available online and they can often be altered by the visitors due to their interactivity. She uses the medium of the internet to present her works as well as to react to its nature and role in the society. Her New York City Map project enables us to take a virtual walk through the city, observe it and listen to the sounds it makes. The project appeared online several years before the Google Earth project; i.e. at a time when it was not usual to “walk through” the world’s famous cities online. Besides, her project also has a different focus; instead of documenting the city, Markéta Baňková wants to present its atmosphere the way she perceives it.

1989-1997 Academy of Fine Arts in Prague
1992 Middlesex Polytechnic, London
1993 Maryland Institute of Art, Baltimore

Web: http://www.bankova.cz