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Finalist - 2014

Tereza Velíková

Born in 1979

Tereza Velíková graduated from the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design and from the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. Together with Tereza Severová and Barbora Zachovalová, she runs the independent Entrance Gallery. She deals exclusively with video, exploring the themes of intimate communication in personal relationships with her closest environment. In her video projections of multiple installation layers, she, too, challenges the possibilities of understanding. Her figures talk to each other, however, each in a different video. They speak about their feelings and privacy, seem to react to each other, however, they give an impression of loneliness. Sound and image are not always synchronized so that the viewers can follow the illusory story of the impossibility of communicating essential things to the other. Her legendary video installations include six slowly moving images of a leg in a black stocking, moving in space in unusual situations and expressing immense loneliness as a silent puppet.


Artist presentation (videos, photos).