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Finalist - 2000 Finalist - 1997

Veronika Bromová

Born in 1966

Education: 1987 – 1993 Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague

Veronika Bromová became renowned primarily for her manipulated digital photographs; in the 1990s, she was among the first ones to experiment in this field. She also deals with video and installation. Her central theme is the body which she stylizes and deforms in various ways. She explores the body in terms of intimacy, its loss as well as gender. Her photographs usually depict herself and her close ones. This is also the case with her famous series Views which is shocking for its anatomic cutaways that take us beyond the limits of nudity. At the same time, the series alludes to human mortality while exploring the division line between reality and fiction.

Web: http://www.veronikabromova.cz