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Laureate - 1992

Michal Nesázal

Born in 1963

1984-1991 Academy of Fine Arts in Prague

At the time of receiving the award, Michal Nesázal was member of the Pondělí (Monday) group; after the postmodern works by the Tvrdohlaví group generation, the Pondělí group introduced conceptual methods and a highly personal approach, later labeled as the tyranny of intimacy, to the art scene. Nesázal conceived his objects as little intimate worlds, creating similar environments also within his gallery installations. He employed found materials, trinkets, toys, stuffed animals as well as various historical designs. Later on, he took a break from his artistic activities, returning to the art scene after a certain period with precise paintings of dream landscapes on canvas, which have matured from neat naïve scenes to the form of disturbing accounts on the borderline of the genre.

Web: http://www.michalnesazal.com/